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Qibbel to go

Qibbel to go seats are fully assembled with attachment and styling set and can be mounted as a unit on the bike. The mounting on the bike is faster. 

Special Qibbel to go Urban Collection

Discover the city together with the Qibbel to go Urban Collection! These cool rear seats have their own unique style. Choose New York (complete black), London (Polka Dots) or Tokyo (trendy symbols)?

The special Qibbel to go Urban Collection is only available as rear seat with carrier attachment and is fully assembled with armrests and foot straps. The wheel protectors of this series seats are not transparent, but dark gray. The seats offer, as all other Qibbel seats, additional space, are in sleep mode adjustable and can be fully adapted to the growth of your baby.  

Qibbel to go

Inquire for Qibbel to go colour combinations at your nearest Qibbel dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1.

    Do Qibbel bicycle seats conform to safety requirements?

    The Qibbel front seat (max. 15 kg) and rear seat (max. 22 kg) comply with the safety standard EN 14344. For the Qibbel 6+ Junior seat (max. 35 kg) this legislation does not apply. Featuring sturdy seats, footrests and safety belts, Qibbel products are the safe way to transport children.

  • 2.

    Will a Qibbel bicycle seat fit on my bike?

    Because there are many different types of bicycles, we recommend that you contact your nearest Qibbel dealer for information. He will be able to assess whether a Qibbel seat can be mounted to your bicycle.

  • 3.

    What are the recommended retail prices for Qibbel?

    Download the Qibbel recommended retail prices here:
    Qibbel front seat
    Qibbel rear seat
    Qibbel 6+ Junior seat

  • 4.

    Where can I buy Qibbel products?

    The Qibbel product range is available from most specialist cycle shops. To find your nearest Qibbel stockist, go to the dealer page.

  • 5.

    Where can I buy matching bicycle bags?

    Matching New Looxs and Basil bicycle bags can usually be ordered through your nearest Qibbel dealership. Contact your nearest Qibbel dealer for more information.